Abducted and Killed in Israel Information About the People Affected

Eine Karte des Gaza-Streifens und der umliegenden israelischen Ortschaften, in denen mit roten und shcwarzen Punkten die Namen der Getöteten und Entführten eingezeichnet sind.
The scouts Gal, Agam, Tal, Noam and Ofri kidnapped by Hamas (Image source: Screenshot from Instagram video of the Israeli Scouts)

October 7, 2023 was a turning point in Israel's history. The terror that the Hamas attack brought upon the people of the country is unprecedented and continues to this day. Countless people were killed and kidnapped more Jews were murdered in one day than at any time since the Shoah. But they are more than just numbers. Each person is a world, and it is important to remember the names, faces and stories.


1,200 people killed

More than 1,200 people in Israel, civilians and soldiers, have been killed in their homes, communities and in the fight against Hamas terrorists since October 7. The Israeli daily Haaretz continuously publishes their names and faces on its website.

Israel's Dead: The Names of Those Killed in Hamas Attacks, Massacres and the Israel-Hamas War


A map from the October 7th Geo-visualization Project shows the places where the massacres have been committed, together with the names of those killed and abducted and those whose fate is still unknown.

Mapping the Massacres


240 people abducted #bringthemhomenow

Around 240 people were abducted by Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip on October 7. Their fate remains uncertain.

The families of the abductees have now launched a global campaign with the support of thousands of volunteers to seek their release. The Hostage and Missing Persons' Families Forum was founded by the families of the abductees less than 24 hours after the horrific Hamas attack. The Forum provides holistic medical and emotional support and professional assistance to the families and promotes ongoing efforts at local, regional and global levels to bring the hostages and missing home. It counts high-level experts from the fields of security, law, media and diplomacy who donate their time to the cause.

The campaign website provides information about the abductees and the activities of the campaign:


It is important to remember that these hostages are not just statistics, but people with dreams, hopes and aspirations. They are someone's children, someone's siblings and someone's friends.

Family members and friends tell the stories of the abductees in this moving video project:


If you would like to support the campaign with the poster campaign that has already been carried out in many cities around the world, you can find the print templates as a PDF file here:


Further information on the forum's Instagram channel:


Several members of the Tzofim – Israeli Scouts were also kidnapped on October 7, 2023. Watch the following video to see how their friends from the youth movement are campaigning for their release:

Video "Bring Them Home Now" by the Israeli Scouts

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