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Vier Jugendliche aus Deutschland uns Israel auf dem Geländes des Umweltbildungszentrum Weltacker in Berlin.

Democratic and civic education as well as living in social and cultural pluralism are common subjects and concerns in Germany and Israel. Given the complex and difficult history of National Socialism and its aftermath for both societies to the present day, they are mutual and powerful elements for a truthful and fruitful cooperation in German-Israeli Exchanges. For implementing a German-Israeli network on diversity-education, the individual experiences of participants and contributors, as well as today’s personal and collective affiliations and identities have to be taken into account. Around that, ConAct has been leading for 5 years the project „Living Diversity in Germany and Israel – Challenges and Perspectives for Education and Youth Exchange“.

A Biss of Culture A Cookbook Offering a Taste of German-Israeli Diversity

Drei Jugendliche aus Deutschland und Israel beim gemeinsamen Kochen.

A German-Israeli cookbook, presenting recipes from both countries, contributed by amateur cooks in both countries, who tell the stories behind their recipes. It aims to showcase the social diversity of both societies, giving examples of various dishes from different areas, traditions and family histories. Every recipe will include prompting questions for a conversation or short games, inviting the readers to actively engage not only in the preparation of the meals, but also in the discourse about the culture and society they represent.

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