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Eine Gruppe von deutschen und israelischen Jugendlichen bei einer Führung auf dem Weltacker in Berlin

Young people have made remarkable advances to change the discourse about climate and sustainability in the last years. Using resourcefulness and creativity beyond imagination, they have formed international networks and initiatives to tackle the burning issue of the climate crisis. The discourse was brought up also by numerous participants and programs in German-Israeli youth exchanges. Therefore, ConAct and the Israel Youth Exchnage Authority have launched “Meet-in-Green” – bringing sustainability to the forefront of German-Israeli youth exchange. The kick-off for “Meet-in-Green” took place on the Intergenerational Exchange Conference 2022, where the spotlight was set on environmental awareness, climate protection and sustainability. It marked the beginning of an intensive bilateral engagement with these topics.

Lettuce Meat! Adventures with Food & Sustainability in Germany and Israel

A database of activity-offers around sustainable eating & food consumption for German-Israeli youth exchange groups, aiming to increase awareness to environmental protection, the climate crisis and the role of the young people in developing sustainable solutions. The database will include organizations, initiatives and projects in Germany and Israel, that will be available for coordinators and educators in German-Israeli exchanges. The aim is to allow every youth German-Israeli exchange group to engage with the topic of food sustainability in a way that suits the target group and the purposes of the encounter.

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