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Zwei Jugendliche aus Deutschland und Israel tanzen gemeinsam in der Küche

Young people can provide a window to societal, political, environmental and cultural developments in a country. They are not only observers of change, but are also the generators of major transitions. On international youth encounters, young people are amazed to discover how similar their interests, thoughts and fields of engagement are, but are also enormously open to learn about the different manifestations of these commonalities in the different countries and societies.

Street Art for Exchange Young Artists in Germany & Israel Meeting Exchange Groups

A database of artists in Germany & Israel, who meet exchange groups visiting the respective country to introduce them to their stories, places they live in and street art work. The meetings will consist of a guided tour and / or a street-art-workshop: painting, graffiti, etc. They aim to present the societies, cultures and major trends in the German and Israeli society through the perspective of young people, artists and alternative scenes.