PAST MEETS PRESENT: Facing Shared History *holocaust *shoa *national socialism *German-Israeli relations *commemoration *remembrance *collective responsibility *antisemitism

One of the key elements of a German-Israeli encounter is dealing with shared history. The prosecution and extermination of Europe’s Jews in the time of National Socialism plays a significant role in the ties and relations between Israel and Germany, and manifests in various ways in the encounters of young people from both countries. The past years have seen a new wave of formats and concepts for joint remembrance and commemoration – some are developed by young people and all are developed for young people, to engage, explore, ask and exchange about the meaning of this history to their lives as well as to German-Israeli relations.

New Forms of Joint Remembrance & Commemoration

Junge deutsche und Israelis sind zusammen am Mahnmal für die ermordeten Juden Europas

A digital platform on which young people engaged in German-Israeli exchange programs share their personal experiences and impressions from visits to commemoration sights, remembrance- and education centers in Germany and Israel. The platforms will allow an unmitigated, direct and open sharing by young people on exchange programs. With that, it wishes to generate an exchange about the relevance of the history to the lives of young people today and create a platform for a constantly developing discourse, in which insights, thoughts and feelings are welcome.

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