YouTopics Leading Topics on the Agenda of Young People in German-Israeli Exchanges and What to Do About Them

Since 2019, ConAct and the Israel Youth Exchange Authority have held an ongoing open discussion with young people in Germany and Israel concerning their fields of interest and engagement as well as their wishes and hopes from German-Israeli youth exchange. In 2022, some of the central topics turned into projects developed by young people, on the ConAct & IYEA program “German-Israeli youth Exchange Lab”. Based on the understanding that youth exchange cannot operate separately from its primary target audience, this discourse between the participants of youth encounters and the people who organize and hold the encounters – is brought here to the front. We invite you to immerse yourselves in the world of young people in German-Israeli exchanges. Learn about the leading topics on their agenda, about different forms of engaging with them and get inspired by the practice they offer to deal with them – some of it even possible for you to pack in your toolkit for your exchange programs.

OUR VOICE: Youth Culture *music *arts *sports *lifestyle *nightlife *hangouts *social medias *drugs and addiction

THE PEOPLE DEMANDS: Social Justice*equal opportunities *social mobility *discrimination *social struggles *pay gap *inequality *feminism

READY-SET-GIVE: Social Engagement *political participation *activism *democracy *volunteering *youth leadership *civic service *initiative

Deutsche und israelische Jugendliche bei einem gemeinsamen Kennenlernspiel

A PERFECT MISHMASH: Diverse Societies*narratives *multicultural *migration-based society *diversity *ethnicity *family history

SHE/HE/THEY/WE: Gender Identities*gender diversity *individual freedoms *self-expression *visibility *LGBTQI* *open spaces

OUR PLANET – OUR MISSION: The Climate Crisis*sustainability *ecology *environment *global warming *climate change *crisis *consumption *climate activism

Zwei Jugendliche aus Deutschland und Israel beim Handschlag auf dem Weltacker in Berlin.

PAST MEETS PRESENT: Facing Shared History*holocaust *shoa *national socialism *German-Israeli relations *commemoration *remembrance *collective responsibility *antisemitism

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