THE PEOPLE DEMANDS: Social Justice *equal opportunities *social mobility *discrimination *social struggles *pay gap *inequality *feminism

Around the world, and specifically in German and Israel, young people are fighting for their rights, for the rights of minorities and for the rights of marginalized groups in society. Young people refuse to accept pre-determined living conditions and wish to design their society with equality, democracy and justice for all. Global migration and refugee influxes have increased the need of the younger generations to engage and act around social justice, contributing to the establishment of large protest movements and numerous small-scale initiatives, community projects and cells of local activism.

PowHer Exchange for Women Empowerment in Germany & Israel

A German-Israeli youth exchange program, bringing together young women who are active in their communities, to share different forms of empowerment and engagement through various cultural and social perspectives. The young women invited to take part in PowHer share a goal: making their voice heard within their communities and societies. The program will allow young women to exchange about their daily lives and to reflect about equality, activism and feminism in the German and the Israeli societies. The project aims to turn its participants into multiplicators, promoting the program’s central topics in their communities and social circles.

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