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German-Israeli Youth Exchange Lab 2022 – Young People Shape the Future

Bilateral workshop in Israel and Germany for the development of new projects

Datum: 08.05.2022 bis 13.05.2022
Ort: Israel & Germany, May-June 2022                                    

YOU are 18-27, participated in a German-Israeli exchange, want to develop new ideas for the future of German-Israeli youth contacts?

YOU belong in the YOUTH EXCHANGE LAB 2022!

The German-Israeli Youth Exchange Lab 2022 invites young people with experience in German-Israeli exchanges to a two-part workshop in Israel and Germany, where they will develop ideas into projects, learn how to manage their projects and get sponsorships, present their projects to professionals in the field and ultimately realize them – all in bilateral collaboration in German-Israeli projects teams.

When & Where?

  • May 08–12, 2022 (Return to Germany May 13, 2022): Workshop part 1, Israel – working in project teams, acquiring skills and content for the creation of projects
  • June 16–20, 2022: Workshop part 2, Germany – final development of the projects, getting sponsorships, preparation for presentation
  • June 21–23, 2022 (Optional): the German-Israeli Intergenerational Exchange Conference 2022, Germany – Presentation of the finalized projects to professionals, exchanging about further ideas and implementation of the projects



A project designed on the Youth Exchange Lab 2022 can be anything that facilitates the future of German-Israeli youth contacts: an exchange program, a joint online event around a certain topic, a policy paper or practical recommendation for future exchange projects, a one-time bilateral gathering – and anything else that comes to your mind. Important is that the project can be created and attended by young people or professionals from Germany and Israel.


  1. Application: You apply to the Youth Exchange Lab 2022 on this form and film a video pitch, in which you explain your idea. Application is open until the 27.03.2022!
  2. Project Selection: The video pitches of the selected participants will be presented on a website. Every participant will choose 3 projects they would like to work on. According to their preferences, the participants will be assigned to project teams – each team develops one project.
  3. Workshops: The participants will take part on the two parts of the workshop, where they will come together with their project teams to develop the project. They will be guided by a team of exchange-experts and learn about project creation- and management, central topics in German-Israeli youth contacts and the structures of the German-Israeli exchanges.
  4. Presentation: Directly after the second part of the workshop, the participants will take part in the German-Israeli Intergenerational Exchange Conference 2022, where they will present their projects and exchange about them with professionals in German-Israeli exchanges.

Got questions? Contact us! In Israel:; in Germany:

Join the Journey – Towards the Future of German-Israeli Youth Exchange!