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A Biss of Culture – Ein Biss der Kultur – ביס של תרבות

Open Call: A German-Israeli Cookbook – Stories and Recipes Collected by Young People

A project developed on the German-Israeli Youth Exchange Lab 2022

Share your recipes and stories with us!

On the German-Israeli Youth Exchange Lab – an entrepreneurship and project development workshop held in May and June 2022 for young former participants of exchange- and volunteer programs from Germany and Israel, the team of Sophie, Adi and Henry, came up with a wonderful idea. Having that the way to the heart goes through the stomach, they wanted to create a German-Israeli cookbook!

The German-Israeli cookbook, presenting recipes from both countries and the stories behind them, will showcase the diversity of both societies, giving examples of versatile traditional dishes and give its readers a taste of home. Next to recipes and stories, it will include prompts for activities and conversations around the dishes.

These days, it is coming to life with the collection of recipes and stories – that’s where YOU come in!

Have your parents or grandparents taught you a recipe you will never forget?

Have you been on an exchange program in Germany or Israel and learned to cook something new?

Have you developed a dish showing your culture and its uniqueness?

Please share it with us on the Contribution Form and it might be included in the book!

Everyone is welcome to contribute to A Biss of Culture: young people involved in German-Israeli exchanges, professionals and leaders of exchange programs and every person with a passion for cooking, eating and German-Israeli exchanges!

The writers of the chosen recipes will be contacted by the A Biss of Culture team.

Sign up and give us a Biss of YOUR Culture!

For further questions, please contact Rinat Avigur.

Your ConAct & IYEA Team